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Now please add Showering scenes, both with step bro and dad, and a way to convince both to shower.

Add the gym as a new public sex location


Thanks so much for the ideas, but after 3.0, I'm kind of putting their story on hold. I may come back to them in the future.

Gym will be in the in the 4.0 which will be released later this month on my patreon.


Kk, so assuming, does this mean the college will be a location as well someday?

In 0.3, you can technically visit the college but only for a side quest.  It depends on the content votes in the future. :)

hi, I'm trying to download it from Android but it is not possible to install, it appears that the file does not open, what do I do??

Download the zip and exact it if needed.

Afterward, tap the TFC-0.2.1A.html and you will be able to play it on your phone's browser.

However, if you can't see any image at all. I suggest you download the JoiPlay app and run the game through it. It will solve the no image or video bug.

how to get your step bro drunk fuck my hole at his work?

You have to drink beer with him 2 times in the evening  preferably around 9 pm since, he will be drunk for only 8 hours. Then you go to the restaurant and click on any of the sex options and the scene will show.

thanks and when will he be spending his time on the living room and how do I let the dad to fondle his dick?

He only spends time at the living room around 18:00. Fondle you have to use the same method as above with him. He only accepts to drink after 21:00 before midnight. 

I try playibg ut but why tho i have been 15 times tease but when i choose to accidentally touch he still get angry? and also how can i know how many points i get?? I counted it by writing but still not enough :<

There are some places that you simply cannot do that i.e bathroom/restaurant.  If you have enough points but still unable to do it in bedroom/living room/ kitchen, then please send me a screenshot or some details of how you got there. It will help me a ton!

You don't need to keep track of it manually, all info is in the characters tab.

Let me know if you need any other help!


i get it now i try playing it so many times that i actually get a chance to know how to play it but thanks for the info it's still a big help for me


Great update! Loved the watersport scenes and how they change according to whether it's a loving or hating relationship. And I'm not even into watersports.

How do you get the rocket pill? I used to be able to buy it at the dept store, I can't now

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You have to watch TV first to see the ad before being able to buy it. 

Also thanks for the love! 


Error: <<set>>: bad evaluation: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'Broteasebathroom')

<<set $ws.Broteasebathroom = true>>

Hi, did this error happen during the bathroom tease with bro? If yes, then it must be an issue using the save from previous patches (including 0.2.1). Let me know if you still have this issue in a fresh playthrough.


Is there or will there be a Love-ending with BOTH characters when they're both on max. affection and lust? - It'd be kinda hot to get spit-rosted by them every day then ;-P

And since they're all affected by the "Family Curse", they could probably save a meal or two pumping so much "lovejuice" into each other.

Just an idea though...I'd just hope to have a possibility for more income somehow since I have both now on max. affection and lust but not all scenes unlocked yet and would need to reduce "suspicion" quite a bit for both.

Also, it doesn't seem quite as logical for them to be "suspicious" in a negative sense, when they love the MC and lust for him all the time.
It would seem more logical for them to kinda admit to their loving affection since they're already breeding and sharing their seed with each other regularly and not turn around from "suspicion" into something more destructive suddenly (at 100).

I mean after sharing their seed a couple of times, it's obvious for the dumbest mofo, that there's more going on. And since they then obviously enjoy it (with love and/or Lust at max.), it would be kinda self-defying for their own greatest source of pleasure (the MC) to be suddenly expelled from their access for whatever reason, i.m.h.o.

That mechanic still feels a bit "off" to me for the named reason(s).
I dunno, but with affection and lust at max., a good ending should be "inevitable" really - either for all three or for at least the MC and one of the others then (choice whether to becum a happy couple or throuple).

Of course, I'm aware, that maybe adding another layer of complexity is pretty work- and time-consuming and therefore probably unlikely, unless enough peeps from your player-audience would wish for it and you'd find it worth your time to implement it. The Game is still really awesome and I love it, despite the little "annoyances" I found in the Gameplay! <3

So, I'm looking forward to see where you're taking this or if you're gonna create a new Ga(y)me anytime soon even.

Cheers and keep up the good work! <3

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>Also, it doesn't seem quite as logical for them to be "suspicious" in a negative sense, when they love the MC and lust for him all the time.

If you aren't aware when their affection to you get to max you almost never get any suspicion from scenes except for daily gain and from the pill - because I'll be pissed if someone I love do that to me tbh lol. Also, despite the name, it is much more nuanced than that. It is like inhibitions, doubt, moral dilemma, regret rolled neatly into a package called suspicion (I probably played Among Us too much). "Realistically" (well as realistic as it can be), there would always be some hesitations in the back of your mind if the situation truly happened.

>I dunno, but with affection and lust at max., a good ending should be "inevitable" really - either for all three or for at least the MC and one of the others then (choice whether to becum a happy couple or throuple).

This is still a ongoing project, so maybe the current conclusions may not be ideal but they are still endings nonetheless as I really dislike cliffhangers. I've thought of the throuple option and if it comes to the game, it will be a whole extended story based on jealousy mechanic of some sorts because it can be interesting in this triangle dynamic.


Thanks so much for your answer! <3

I see now what I missed, I think: the emotional challenge of accepting the non-conventional affection/love/urges usually can end in a dra-/traumatic event, that's true. Especially in the "conventional", emotionally immature human beings, that most of us have been or stay throughout our lives, unless we either want to (intrinsically) or are forced to (because of criminal behavior as a consequence of the incapacity to deal with our Emotions more constructively as the source of information about our very own being/values/spirit/psyche/mind etc. they  represent) learn to deal with them more constructively.

Without a certain amount of "pain-pressure" and the understanding that this pain is showing us, that something within our Identity/conviction/belief is not as coherent with our needs and actions as it should be - and instead pain is fetishized maybe as a way to overcompensate this incoherence in worst case scenario (which is fortunately not always the case, but it's definitely ONE way, a significant amount of people deal with it, I've learned) -, only very few people have been able to stay curious, self-aware/-reflected and open-minded enough to go on this path without that need for a painful "catalyst event", that breaks their idea about themselves ("identity") down beforehand...

So, I see your point now I think and I think it'll help me enjoy it even more - even though I still would hope for a "good end" option then, too - where the characters becoming destructive eventually find help to process all those things before "channeling" those inner conflicts into an overly destructive outlet (since then, the story - if it happens to be played by someone who's horny but in such a similar situation could inspire their sub-consciousness maybe to seek out the professional help they do need at such a point of an escalating [inner] conflict, you see?).

If you've already done that (I have to admit I haven't gotten there yet), please ignore that last last paragraph and just account it to my temporary ignorance of it at this point).

Thanks for creating this piece of (adult) art - I think we need naughty and uninhibited stories, that also don't give a damn about dogmatic moral ideas around some of our most fundamental human needs (meaningful connection on the one hand and sexuality on the other, both of which are most pleasant when served together, but depending on the kind of inter-human relationships we have with our unique fellow human beings, they can or cannot be present together).

Cheers and looking forward to reading and exploring more! <3


The new update was really great but I still can't figure out how to do the drunk fuck at restaurant with brother and I'm looking forward for the next updates but overall some bugs were fixed and it's a great game thanks creator ❤️

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You gotta give him beer twice in a row late at night preferably after dinner during his workday. Then go to the fast food restaurant immediately after when he's there and ask him any of the sexual activities and it will show up. 

And thanks a lot! 

How do i install the game i have already downloaded it but can not install the zip how 🤔🤔🤔


Extract the zip and play by running the html file.

If you are on android, use JoiPlay to play the game. 


Same, keep checking here and the discord for more updates :')


I keep checkin back for updates 😭

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This was lovely! I'm super glad this had the option to turn off images and such as the text provided was just as juicy. Writing is above decent which made the experience a bit more joyous.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Is there a way for getting the lust higher than 10?-

You have to touch their crotch accidentally to get to 11+ lust.

Yes, yes, i saw it, thx


Very interesting. I like the idea and gifs you implemented in game. Wondering how rocket pills will affect dad and brother. 

Thanks! Guess you'll have to find out in the future. ;)

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V hot! It would be fun if the main character could wank in other rooms, with the risk of getting caught! And if each action always led to a different scene depending on the room.

Thanks! This idea definitely popped up in my head, not sure when I will implement it though.


Is there going to be more to this story or is it just going to be the father and the brother?  [i.e. other members of the family (uncle and cousin) with side stories such as the fast food restaurant manager and the local street corner thug and maybe the lecherous construction worker over on the next block.]   Also, as mentioned earlier by another commenter, keeping sleep up is a tricky thing to do with it being a 1:1 ratio of sleep:energy.  After a couple of days, you literally have to spend 16 hours sleeping just to catch back up so you can do things without "dying" (and that's with sleeping at 23:00 every night).  It gets harder when you try to "help" your brother at work.  Otherwise, I'm really enjoying it and I'm looking forward to where it goes. :)


I have several ideas in the planning phase and one of the most popular is the throuple option for the existing characters. More characters in the future is definitely a must. 

RE: Sleeping

Well, my vision is to create a sense of ramification for all of your actions. It is a bit annoying but I think it plays fairly well into the "growing suspicion" mechanic where the characters gain suspicion daily once you pass some certain lust thresholds with them.

Also, the activities you are doing in this game is very taboo and having some consequences can make it a bit more "thrilling" as well as some sort of wake-up call.

Finally, count your luck that I didn't put a cooldown between your sleeps. ;)


A cooldown would've just been evil. lol  Don't make me come over there and attempt an exorcism. :D


Probs a bug: I go to school without jerking off and after dad tells me about the curse (at home) there's like 2 hours left so I choose to jerk off... except after that it loops back to having to ask my bro to drive me to school even tho time shows 19:00...

Same issue here. Did you figure out the solution maybe?


Sorry. For now please don't jerk off until after 21:00 (honestly this sentence sounds ridiculous lol) on the first day.

After you've finished the intro dinner, the bug won't happen.


I honestly dont know if this is a bug or not but whenever I try to tease the dad it just shows the massage tease from when you try to tease him in the bedroom. And does anyone know what time the dad goes to the bathroom? I cant seem to be able to get the bathrooom tease for the dad.

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It's a bug when you tease your dad in the living room,  it only shows the bedroom tease scene.  I will fix it next patch with the addition of more scenes with 2 exisiting characters.

He takes a brief shower in the morning before work at somewhere around 8.

Hope this helps. :)

How to dm you on twitter? 

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My twitter is now open to DMs. Feel free to do so. :)

DM sent

Hi! I downloaded the game on Android, but I can't see the images. How can I see them?


Playing on Android broswer is a bit tricky.

You can use JoiPlay app for the easiest way.

Thank you so much! Now it works! 

i can’t figure out how to buy beer or food how i do these things


You can buy beer anytime at the department store (living room -> go outside -> department store).

You can eat at home at 7-8, 12-13, 19-20 or anytime at the fast food restaurant (living room -> go outside -> fast food restaurant).

I downloaded It but i can't see the images,anyone knows why?


Hello, did you turn off the Show Media option in the setting?

Otherwise you must have renamed the media folder into something else.

Hope this helps.


Could there be like- a 12 hour clock? Cause I keep having to do math with the 24 hour clock just to figure out what time it is XD


Sorry, but I'm pretty sure all throughout the story I keep all the mentions of hour in the format of 24:00. I don't really see why you need to do the math to change it to AM & PM format.


I mean like- Cause I ain't used to a 24 hour system, I have to like- keep subtracting 12 and shit to figure out the time in AM and PM. An option to change the clock to a 12 hour system would be nice for people like me who ain't used to 24 hour systems.

Subtract by 2 not 12 like- 17:45

17-2=15 and the number in the ones place is the time but it's probably confusing but easy 22 is 10 and 20 is 8. I hope my mini lesson provided a little help with 24 hour clocks.


I know you can get dad drunk by giving him 2 consecutive beers and then you can fondle him in his sleep, but i have yet to see that option with the bro, when can i fondle him or get him drunk enough to take advantage?

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Sadly, I didn't have time to touch on that. I will add it in the future though it will be a whole lot different compared to dad to change things up.


I finished the brother's affectionate route, and it was adorable; I do wonder what is next for the game tho? Like are there gonna be new characters added? Like an uncle, or other taboo stuff like teachers? 

An idea I had was that the love someone feels for you can get to a dangerous amount and become obsession, walking the line of yandere n stalker? I don't think it'd happen, just figured it'd fit the theme of the game well!

(Sorry this comment is long af)


In the foreseeable future, I want to expand more scenes with dad & bro, since there are still some missing scenes.

I'm also considering the throuple options for dad & bro once you reach 45 aff & 50 lust with both of them. But not sure how to proceed with this since their schedule doesn't overlap much.

Stalker-ish character could be interesting and probably a good way to add more stuffs to do during the night. However, I can't promise this.

No problem, I enjoy discussions. :)


I am really excited to see where the game goes, I'm sure whatever you come up with will be lovely, I just figured an obsession/stalker character/affection level, could be a cool way to make people, who prefer lovey stuff, have some challenges, making sure the character/s don't love them TOO much, since rn, the affectionate route is way easier than the hated route.

Plus obsessive love, stalkers, and yanderes are something I find hot in fiction, but there aren't too many adult gay games with them 


It was funny seeing Dad's reactions when the MC got caught with the Bro in various acts.
Maybe in the future the Dad/Bro will join in on the fun, given high enough lust, when catching the MC in the act with the other.
Potential there for multiple scenes with both having Love or Hate, and even having one character Love and the other Hate.

Also I know the MC is a total slut, but it would also be interesting to see a Top MC

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I'm not really a fan of the images, tho I know I'm probably alone on this, since I have a fear of realistic faces skfnejnsm

It'd be nice if maybe in the future, there was a way to toggle off n on the images n videos?


There is an option in the settings right now, to turn off media.

Oh thank god


Yes there is a toggle to turn off all the pictures and videos in the setting menu if you wish not to see them.

Is there a brother ending?

Yes, and to reach it, it is quite similar to dad's ending.


I'm not able to get past 30 Lust or initiate BJ scene with the brother, don't know if I'm doing anything wrong.

But yeah, as it was stated, the fatigue goes from 100 to 0 without any warnings, which has resulted in some annoying sudden deaths. But so far I've manage to deal with that using auto saves. Though even then I've gotten stuck in some nasty deathloops, which i have managed to wiggle out luckly.

Personally i enjoy the update so far, even with the bugs. The brother is adorable, good job!

Yes, that was a mistake on my part. I updated new version just now. Please play/download this latest version.

Sorry for spam but please refresh and play the 0.2b version. It has breakfast at home (which I forgot exists) and some critical fix to brother's ending.


(1 edit) (+1)

Ok this new update is problematic, it is making the game near unplayable. The Lust is understandable but it just keeps giving me errors instead of effecting anything at least with Father. Hunger and Sleep are causing the problems. The only way one can eat is either by spending your money which can be very dangerous to get because both of them do not tick down consistently, or waiting for family dinner which is also dangerous. (My hunger decreased by 2 hours during a 1 hour chat action.) The first time I worked I red zoned on both... I was green on both before that. Sleep isn't functioning properly and is going straight from green to 0 hours.  I've played for 20 minutes and encountered sudden "death" 5 times or so and it is not fun trying to balance all of this. IMO drop the "survival" elements, don't just end the game, punish or reward in other ways.

Hey thank you. I think I've fixed most of the things you listed, except for the 2 tick hunger when chatting with dad.

Hmm, if that's the case, when you get starved or fatigued, there will be just a penalty and not a bad and dead end for now.

I've also decreased the cost for meals. Will upload in about an hour. You may want to hold off playing.

The eating works if you refresh the kitchen at 13:00-15:00

Hello, fixed version is up and most of the bugs should be fixed. 

The survival elements are now more forgiving and clearer and will not lead to a bad end.


Sorry for spam but please refresh and play the 0.2b version. It has breakfast at home (which I forgot exists) and some critical fix to brother's ending.



awesome I'll try it in when I can... thank you. This is just an idea, what if the penalty for hungry or tired interactions is cranky responses that lower affection like lust causing suspicious actions.

Deleted 162 days ago
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Get 50 lust and 45 (for love ending) or 0 (for hate ending) affection.

I keep checking this page every day for the next update :')


Sorry, lots of problems at work right now so I haven't had time to focus on the game. Hopefully, it will be released in the next few days.


nice game, I enjoyed it a lot. I found a bug at the end, where I kept having sex with dad and his suspicion got higher with no warning, no explanation, and I suddenly got the bad ending. Is this normal? His affection was very high

(can't wait to see more story, like bathroom action and the big bro!)

(1 edit) (+1)

First scenario, what was the father's affection? If it reaches 45, he should never ever gain any suspicion during the act. Yes, doing the deeds with him does increase the suspicion.

Second scenario, did you have sex with him in public spaces (i.e Living room/Kitchen)? Also was the brother's suspicion high? If yes to all above then you probably got caught by the brother and then it lead to a bad ending.

Not sure if you're aware but if once suspicion reaches 100, you will get a bad ending.

If you can remember the details leading to the ending then it would be great.

Thanks! Bro contents will be released soon.


In my first game, I got caught a few times by the brother in the living room for example, so I guess that could explain the problem.

I played a second time and made sure Dad's affection was always 45/45, I confirm the suspicion was still going up, even when I washed the dishes and everything. Maybe I got caught once or twice by the brother, but dad's suspicion got very high at around 90 I think, just before I got the good ending, it was close.

Yes I understand suspicion got me the bad ending, I'm just surprised it went up so fast without warning. I thought there would be a message every time it goes up, like affection, but I can understand if you want this to be a secret thing.


wait I'm sorry, those are issues from the older version. I downloaded the one I found on one your tweets. I'm trying the new version 0.1d and it looks better. Sorry for the trouble, keep up the great work!


where did you get the title art from?

Oh sorry, the art is from a VN game by Moritake. However, now he's completely disappeared on the face of the internet as well as many of his works for unknown reasons.

también un error que vi fue que cuando tocas la entrepierna de el hermano no se ve el texto de su reacción 

Brother's contents are not in the game right now. So it is missing.

It will probably be there in 0.2 patch in around 1 or 2 weeks.


Cool game, my asexual ass used an hour on it

I have the effect of dad at 45 but I can't do anything else and I don't know how to use the pills, I don't believe it either, the dad never wants to and the brother does xd

Ícono de validado por la comunidad

(1 edit) (+1)

The pill doesn't have any use for now. Sorry.

After you reach 45 affection & 50 lust, you can talk to him and there is an option to an ending. Then you could replay the game and go for a low affection run, it has a different "good" ending also.


Very well done


What's the plan after the brother? Combo endings/scenes with both dad and bro?
Cause i need that, your writing is hot.

(2 edits) (+4)

A few. Yours is definitely one of the higher probabilities but I do not want to limit to just endings but a thing that is exclusive when you go pass the 45 threshold (or negative affection rate). Still in brainstorming process to implement this elegantly.

Another one is more characters but I will deviate from the taboo aspect but still in the forbidden area like a college professor, a priest from a completely fictional religion, a conservative politician, etc. This is easier-ish, since it will be less technical and just depends if the writing goddess will smile upon me or not.

With all of that being said, probably the next best step is getting original arts in there. As much as you like my writing, nothing beats a good ol' sucking and fucking in actual colors and not just texts. 


music to my ears lmao.

but honestly good choice for dad and bro's actors. I know the dad, but the bro is maybe some random dude on the internet?

Yea, I have no idea who. lol


Having original art is good and all, but I really like the way you put those real "media" in. Really help with the imagination. I think part of it is because you chose the actors really well, beefy and stuff lmao. Is there any plan for us to be on top? I mean options so you can choose, with proper approach ofc. Topping daddy Wolf in a fan fiction like this is out of this world lol, combine with your amazing writing skill.

(2 edits)

That could be a possibility but it poses a challenging problem that Austin Wolf bottoming porn is few and far between. But hey, I for sure can try to find some good beefy bottom porns for your viewing pleasure. ;)

I'll definitely consider it in the future just to break out from the lack of writing inspirations.

Also, thanks for the compliments about my writing, hope you don't mind the erratic spelling errors or grammar weirdness. lol


This game is pretty fun. I have the dad to 50/50 lust and 32/45 affection. I'm stuck in a loop and I can't seem to get the ending. Is there anything I'm missing to trigger a good ending besides raising suspicion to 100 where I get the bad ending? Or is it just the bad ending at the moment?

You either need to get his affection to 45 or 0. Afterwards, you can talk to him and there should be an option to a good ending if you haven't figured it out yet.


Hi! So, I really liked your writing style. I almost never find myself drawn to a purely text-based game. I don't know if you only wanted to keep it to text for a particular reason, but thought to share this website if not. It has completely free use facial pictures and I've noticed some other text heavy games use images from it to represent characters. Anyway, if you haven't heard of it, it might be worth scoping out for options for players to pick from for a character or just set images for each character:

Also, apologies if it's presumptuous to suggest and link this, but just thought it could help to have a visual of your characters.


Thanks! Never apologize for being helpful. :D

I am aware of AI generated photo and such like the one you linked and artbreeder. 

For the "you" character, personally, I try to keep the descriptions as minimal as possible so players can actually put themselves in the story. What do you think?

For other characters, yes it would be amazing to have some visuals. Resources are not particularly overflowing here and I can't draw for shit, so gotta make do with just texts for now.

With all that being said, I'm honestly a bit lazy, especially with my plate full of writing and coding.

Finally, there is another version on my twitter with some media but they are copyrighted so I don't want to post it here.


Whoa! I just looked into artbreeder and that's really cool. I'm definitely having fun browsing it now lol.

I totally agree with that for the "you" character of this kind of game. Definitely feels nice not to have any dissonance between the player and the main character.

And good to know about the other characters. I totally get the drawing struggle. I've been wanting to try to put a game together one day, and have been playing with the idea of Renpy, but making the commitment and leap of time and resources it would all take to learn is a bit daunting for me so I totally getcha on resources x_x;

And good to know! I'll check that version out. Looking forward to seeing more of your writing!


Funny enough, I did try Ren'py to do a half-assed google translated (+ my imperfect English) remake for a Moritake game but quitted 1/3 way through from boredom. It's not super complicated (at least to me) but yea, unless you can draw or know someone who can, it's not a wise idea to jump into the VN scene.



Interesting. Yeah, I can't draw and was disputing taking a stab at learning Daz3d (as if learning both together wouldn't be a feat of time and effort) I just wanna use my writing degree for a similar kinda thing, I think, but the only idea I have for a game would be maybe too intensive for a first stab at things.

Anywho, thanks! I will haha.

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